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ken mistove is an accomplished synth guitarist, mainly working with electric guitar but also highly proficient with keyboards and synthesizers of any description.  a veteran of digital music and music production, ken has a breadth of experience working with the tools and disciplines required to produce music of true quality.


his one release for to date, “procrastination”, confirms the consummate skill ken has as a synth guitarist and as an electric guitarist; and it is an album that oozes texture, quality and pure musicality.  ken is also a very keen synthesist, pioneering the use of the koan music system, and in fact “procrastination” features an excellent composition that Ken created using the koan system.   


ken’s collaborations with saffron matted voids are further evidence of his abilities as both player and producer. equally at home in the artist’s or the producer’s chair – ken can lay down drums, bass, keyboards, percussion, guitar, synth guitar – anything -  with equal skill - he is an orchestra of one.  when you add in his production and digital music experience, he is a musical force to be reckoned with.


ken currently lives and works in southern california where he continues to be at the cutting edge of digital audio technology, as well as being the technical wizard behind both the web site and the pureambient web store.





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