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saffron matted voids is a collaboration between pureambient label founder dave stafford and synth/electric guitarist ken mistove.  the duo’s first project was the creation of two tracks for a tribute CD, which was followed some time later by their first and only release for, “perchance to dream”.

saffron matted voids seeks perfection in their unique blend of ambience and atmospheric music, and the band’s vision is to take their time, and create challenging works that are each self-contained statements of atmosphere and musical intent.  dark themes are mingled with light, terror is balanced with beauty, and through careful construction and top notch quality control, the compositions are indeed each unique and self-contained.  

we are trying to create little mini-worlds of sound, where a musical atmosphere grows around you, and you are moved through a series of emotional experiences within each piece.

the album is filled with both beauty and turmoil, ambience and mood, and the combination of the very textural approach of mistove coupled with the loop/ebow/ambient approach of stafford makes for a very unique and unusual group sound - cyberambient.  the band is rumoured to be planning a brand new studio album, possibly for 2011/2012 release, so please watch this space for news.




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