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another project scheduled for 2012 is the creation of a new, virtual bindlestiff record, catalogue number SSDL3416, entitled “longest”, which will be a virtual, downloadable, gradual live track release program.  there is a “gap” in the recorded history of the band, which is basically the entire year 1994, and it has long been on the cards to release some of the rehearsals and performances from that year – but until now, we’ve not been able to figure out how.  


since pureambient is no longer/not currently manufacturing “hard copy” CDs and we have, for the moment, adopted a download-only strategy, that is the perfect means whereby we can begin to release some of this archival material – without going to the expense of creating an unaffordable 17-CD box set.


it is envisioned that this album will be a unique, virtual record of “the lost year” in the musical life of bindlestiff.  For the next 17 years, very gradually, we will begin adding tracks to the album – but, an album that will be built up from over 70 source tapes over time.  it is unknown just how many viable tracks may be “in the vault”, so it is possible that this virtual album could, in 17 years time, have anywhere from 50 - 200 tracks.  thanks to the all-download strategy, this “virtual album” becomes entirely possible and also becomes a viable way to present this otherwise lost catalogue of ambient and active loop music.


so look forward to tracks beginning to appear next year, and ongoing, which will represent this remarkably prolific “year in the life” of bindlestiff – all encapsulated in one very large “virtual album”, which will grow, and grow, over a 17 year period.






Please see the entry for “quiet” to read what happens next - the previous album is “live”.


notes from the guitarist’s seat:


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