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Dave Stafford January 2011: In 2002, with Bindlestiff disbanded since 1997, the band felt that it would be good to present the music in a different light, so we created “Enlighten”.

Collecting just one song from each of the existing releases, “Enlighten” is an excellent starting point for becoming familiar with the band’s output. Rather than try to follow the formulaic “best of” concept, we tried to select tracks that would represent the widest range of possibility in terms of musical diversity, tracks that demonstrate the width and breadth of what this band could do.

So we selected six longer tracks, most of which lean towards the side of beauty, but at least one, “the wall of ninths” demonstrating the darker side of Bindlestiff, and compiled them on this special commemorative release.

Five years after the band’s last release, “Enlighten” was conceived as a new perspective on the band for new listeners to explore.  Nine years after that, in 2011, I could not imagine a more excellent collection of Bindlestiff songs to start out with than the six tracks on “Enlighten”.

This is currently the last release from the band, although in 2011/2012 we are going to begin work on archival material from 1994, which hopefully will begin being released later on in 2011.



The previous record is “late”.










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