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let’s face it, the ways we “get” our news in this age of instant technology, has changed so much from what it once was, that we have re-prioritised our news resources to give you the absolutely most up-to-date, as-it-happens pureambient news possible.


first of all, the pureambient discography is undergoing a major transformation.  this once-fairly static resource, will now become the master listing for all tracks, and to begin with, we have completely re-built the dave stafford discography from the ground up, with new information, new photos, new artwork - and, additional information that was not previously available “all in one list” or “all in one place”.


so the discographies are your first port of call when you want the specifics on pureambient artists’ releases, songs samples and related information. as time goes on, similar update processes will occur for the other artist’s discography pages as needed.  as much additional information as possible will be added to the album entries, and the discographies will now act as the “master” source for all track information.  new tracks will always be added into each album’s page within 48 hours of being uploaded.


the most current 2015 dave stafford releases are “music for apps: thesys” and “music for pcs: output”, the former, a remarkable MIDI app on the apple ios, the latter, an incredible set of tracks featuring “rev” and “signal”, the two flagship products from manufacturer “output”.


dave stafford’s “gone native” 19-track CD is still shipping: you can buy “gone native” on compact disc or download, from the pureambient store or from bandcamp.




beyond the discographies, you can also tune into one, some or all of these excellent real-time or nearly-real time sources of news and new “pureambient” music - as it happens:


news resources:



the dave stafford / pureambient blog is up and running, please stop by for pureambient news in real time on the blog, which stafford updates constantly; with information on but not limited to:



“the music of the moment”  - current music projects (ambient and active music involving guitar, guitar synthesizer, the new “kaoss guitar”, bass, keyboards, synthesizers, the korg kaossilator, and application-based music on the iPad)


“journey through the past” - historic music projects (a special series that goes right back to the very beginnings of stafford’s musical career)


the audio companion page” - an audio diary of stafford’s earliest music, to tie in with the dave stafford / pureambient blog and the “journey through the past” blog series


“cassette restoration project” - recovering hundreds of hours of demos, outtakes, rough sketches, cover versions, lost live performances - a lifetime of music captured on audio cassette - now digitised for the first time - gradually being presented on the audio companion page in conjunction with the “journey through the past” blog series


“reel-to-reel restoration project” - same process as the “cassette restoration project”, using open reel tapes instead of the cassettes (proposed for 2018)                


“what we’re listening to” - what is on our personal stereos at the moment, generally taking the form of album reviews, featuring many reviews of progressive rock and related music.


“gear evolution” - the past, present and future of music making equipment, theories, practices, and dreaming...


all information on current recordings, archival, current and future releases, collaborations, and dave stafford music past, present and future will be now addressed via the dave stafford / pureambient blog.  this web site remains the best source of information on pureambient artists, discographies, and news, and bandcamp is your main source for album tracks, to listen to or download, available by album and by individual track in most cases.


the pureambient store is still very much alive and well and operates as an alternate source to purchase any and all pureambient music, in CD or download form, up through 2013 - at which point in time, we moved operations to bandcamp.


so basically, if you are looking for archival, older, rarer dave stafford material, you might want to visit the pureambient store, while if you are looking for the most recent material, or, if you are looking for the “eternal album series” , or for pc- and application-based dave stafford music, bandcamp would be the choice.




more news resources:



in addition to the dave stafford / pureambient blog, there are a large number of other pureambient news resources:



follow dave stafford on twitter: @pureambient


dave stafford on facebook - the dave stafford band/musician page


the “gone native” page on facebook - a resource dedicated to the 2012 rock / prog album by dave stafford, released on download worldwide on august 1, 2012, the physical CD release of “gone native” was officially november 17, 2012 available via both the pureambient store and bandcamp.


the pureambient music group on facebook - a diverse group of musicians, artists, and music-lovers of all descriptions discuss not just ambient music, but all music, plus, life, the universe, and everything. please stop by for a visit, or stay a while to chat - there’s always something going on in this group!




music resources:


dave stafford ambient and active music creation on video is now available on a number of specific youtube channels:


guitar, guitar-synth and keyboards - the pureambientHD channel


music made with full-sized synthesizers - the synthesizerHD channel


music made with ipad applications - the applicationHD channel


music made with ipad application “scape” (brian eno & peter chilvers’ design) the purescapes17 channel

(for audio only versions of the first 17 scapes, please visit dave’s purescapes channel on sound cloud)


music made with the korg kaossilator - the kaossilatorHD channel


music made with the ambient looping duo bindlestiff - the bindlestiffHD channel


everything else - covers, vocal works, piano, original songs - ablackboxHD channel   








































quiet... peaceful...  ambient music.  pureambient music.


in other artist news   


         the dozey lumps



one of the projects currently scheduled for 2017 is a possible new live dozey lumps album, with new audio taken from the source tape of the recently unearthed video concert. until this tape was recovered, it had been thought that there would always only be one dozey lumps album, but it looks like we might now have a short live album as well, if the tracks all prove to be sonically viable. we are also investigating an upgrade and replacement of the dozey lumps videos, which would include completing the show by producing and publishing the tracks that are still “in the can”.  We’ve digitally re-mastered the master video for the live show, with a view to produce new versions of the video, and see if the live album idea is viable.  this is on track a mid-2017 release.






another project scheduled for 2017 is the creation of a new, virtual bindlestiff record, catalogue number SSDL3416, tentatively entitled “longest”, which will be a virtual, downloadable, gradual live track release program - in essence, this will become the first and probably only, bindlestiff “eternal album”.  


there is a “gap” in the recorded history of the band, which is basically the entire year 1994, and it has long been on the cards to release some of the rehearsals and performances from that year – but until now, we’ve not been able to figure out how.  the first of these recordings have now been transferred to digital, so the project is officially underway!


since pureambient is no longer / not currently manufacturing “hard copy” CDs (not since 2012’s “gone native” CD release) and we have, for the moment, adopted a download-only strategy, that is the perfect means whereby we can begin to release some of this archival material – without going to the expense of creating an unaffordable 17-CD box set.


it’s envisioned that this album will be a unique, virtual record of “the lost year” in the musical life of bindlestiff.  for the next 17 years, very gradually, we will begin adding tracks to the album – but, an album that will be built up from over 70 source tapes over time.  it’s unknown just how many viable tracks may be “in the vault”, so it’s possible that this virtual album could, in 17 years time, have anywhere from 50 - 200 tracks.  thanks to the all-download strategy, this “virtual album” becomes entirely possible and also becomes a viable way to present this otherwise lost catalogue of ambient and active loop music.


so look forward to tracks beginning to appear beginning in 2017, and ongoing, which will represent this remarkably prolific “year in the life” of bindlestiff – all encapsulated in one very large “virtual album”, which will grow, and grow, over a 17 year period.


beyond the “longest” project, watch for some new videos to accompany existing bindlestiff back catalogue tracks. we’ve created a special “bindlestiffHD” channel on youtube expressly for this purpose, which we are happy to say now has it’s first few videos up and running.


looking back


in late 2009, dave stafford played a showcase gig at the tolbooth in stirling, scotland, featuring new loops / compositions from the "gone native" album, as well as the more traditional quiet, ambient loop material from his back catalogue, along with new and improvised material.


dave stafford returned to the stage as part of the tolbooth's electronic bar series, which features djs interspersed with live performances.  the tolbooth audience was absolutely brilliant, listening quietly and responding well to both the "louder" active material, as well as the very quiet ambient material.


overheard in the audience: "this is utterly unique, I have never heard anything like it". high praise indeed.



stafford also, in february 2009, performed with robert fripp and the orchestra of crafty guitarists, at their debut live performance in san cugat, spain. this event marked twenty-one years of participation in the larger guitar craft family for dave.  


in october 2015, dave returned to the work of guitar craft, working again in the new standard tuning and participating in a remarkable live performance with the team in a guitar craft house in the netherlands.  another debut performance, this time, as the “symphony of crafty guitarists” - and this performance was professionally recorded and filmed, although we don’t yet know if and when the video or audio, will be released - we will certainly keep you posted.  this also mean that dave was present at the birth of two of the most recent guitar craft performing groups, the “orchestra” in 2009, and the “symphony” in 2015.  and at some time back in the hazey 1990s, he was also present at the birth of the “league of crafty guitarists”, too.  he didn’t perform with the league, but supported their work in other ways, for example, through kitchen craft.  by 2009, he was ready, willing and able to join the performance team, and participated in these two debut performances in 2009 and 2015 respectively - which was a fantastic way to bring his guitar craft experience to a halting point.


this means that as of 2016, dave's involvement with guitar craft stretches back over an astonishing 28 years !



of course, we will post details of any upcoming gigs or other musical activity by any of the pureambient team here as soon as the information becomes available.







ambient ringtones


be sure to check out our range of ambient ringtones. if you have ever wanted something a little less strident, a little less like an alarm or a standard, ordinary ringtone for your mobile phone...then an ambient ringtone may be exactly the right thing for you.


using carefully set up and looped fragments of ambient music, hand-picked from across the entire pureambient catalogue and selected for their supreme calm, serenity or musical mystery - we’ve uploaded the first 17 ambient ringtones to the pureambient store and they are available for download now.  these currently include ringtones from pureambient artists dave stafford, ken mistove, and ambient looping duo bindlestiff.


if you want a gentle, ambient ring on your phone, is the place to go for the best quality ringtones, at a modest price - the most beautiful ringtones on the planet. later, we will also be introducing a small range of progressive ringtones, taken from the more active side of the music on


please visit the store and click on the section marked “download ringtone” and treat yourself to a unique and soothing ambient ringtone.

here and now continues on many, many other fronts as well: the cassette restoration project; the audio companion page;  learning and recording with a myriad of music applications; many of them facilitated through the remarkable audiobus well as videos, of the pureambient, application, purescapes, synthesizer, kaossilator, ablackbox (where anything goes) and bindlestiff kind...



classical ambient has arrived


over the past few years, dave has taken his interest in classical composition from the possible to the reality, using either guitar synthesizer technology, or the “notion” series of ios applications or pc software - notation software that you can “perform” your compositions with.  to date, dave has created one concerto using the guitar synth to play all of the parts manually, and three additional concertos using “notion” for ipad - these can all be heard on the “classical” eternal album.  dave is currently working on his next classical piece, which is a piece featuring four guitars, which will use guitar craft style “circulations” in the score - watch out for this piece later in 2015 !

at the same time, dave continues to produce guitar synth, kaoss guitar demos and other looped and improv works, which may or may not evolve into musical collections over time - you can enjoy these on video on the pureambientHD channel (and the other six dave stafford video channels listed above) on youtube - or as they are added as high quality wav, flac or pretty much any audio format you want - to the various eternal albums over time...



ambient in nature...


and finally ...a free download of ambient birdsong, which makes for pleasant listening at any time of year. just right mouse click here, and choose “save target as” or “save file as” and save the file to your local hard drive to enjoy.


the ambient music microlabel

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                  and music resources      


the music:


eternal albums are here to stay: begun in 2013, the “eternal album” concept is simple: these are new albums, that feature a particular ios application, a particular pc music software, a particular pc music software manufacturer (to cover multiple pc music software packages), or other specialty titles - but the albums have no “end date”, and tracks are simply added as they are completed - eternally.  until such time as.  ongoing.


this is a new, “non-traditional” form of album, and each track has a four second or long “silence” added to it, so the user can re-configure the tracks from each eternal album, to their own personal taste, using the play list app of their choice.  for the artist, it’s the best arrangement possible, instead of the tradition of working on tracks until you have 12 or 14 or 18 tracks “complete”, and being forced to wait weeks, months, or in some cases, years for an album collection to be complete and then released - as an arbitrary collection of songs - the eternal album works differently.  tracks are added to the end of the album, in real time - and the collection of songs just grows and grows organically over time, until many years have passed, and many, many tracks are uploaded to each eternal album.    


dave stafford will still compiled themed or other traditional albums, but for the moment, is working exclusively with eternal albums, trying to include as many different speciality themes, instruments and manufacturers as possible.


speaking of traditional album releases, dave stafford’s 2012 release, “gone native”, which was created as a showcase for his lead guitar and other playing skills, it’s his “guitar album” if you will - is available both as a download or as a physical CD.


you can order the CD from bandcamp, or from the pureambient store - both sources at the low, low price of £5.00 plus p&p.  this is the long-awaited “guitar” album from dave stafford - and, atypically, it contains 12 rock songs, drum, bass, mellotron, guitar and guitar-synth based, plus 7 more experimental pieces - all 19 tracks demonstrating a huge range of unique guitar sounds and techniques, and hearing stafford playing, uh, ahem, “normal” songs, and lead guitar, and even bass guitar, is a novelty in itself after decades of his crafty acoustic, ambient or loop music.


“cassette restoration project”: cassette-heads be warned:  the “cassette restoration project” is now underway, with a dedicated web page that is an “audio companion” to the “journey through the past” series on the new dave stafford / pureambient blog - so wherever possible, we will upload cassette scans, audio tracks taken from the original cassettes, and other related historical materials in close conjunction with the written historical “journey through the past” series on the blog. please visit the “audio companion to the dave stafford / pureambient blog” for music from dave stafford’s earliest bands, projects, and jam sessions.


now in their third incarnation - having formerly collaborated first as the acoustic crafty duo “the dozey lumps”, and then, as the live looping / ambient electronic duo “bindlestiff” - the latest, newest dave stafford / bryan helm collaboration has been released as a download only, this newly re-configured duo is known as “scorched by the sun”, who are now presenting their first full length, super ambient record “dreamtime” - have a listen to the album, and download from bandcamp.


more dave stafford ambient releases: “sky full of stars” available on download only, eight luscious, exquisite ambient tracks all created using one musical instrument - the remarkable m-tron mellotron software synthesizer.  almost two years of mixing, re-sequencing, delicate adjustments, and at last, we can hear the results of all that careful work in this essential ambient release, “sky full of stars”.  there are also two videos from the album available on the pureambientHD channel on youtube - an edited version of the title track and a special medley of two songs from the album.


the album has a similar mood to “the haunting”, the previous solo release - both records are supremely ambient and atmospheric, but “sky full of stars” is a complete departure for stafford - his first ambient record, or any record for that matter, with no guitars whatsoever; all composed and performed on a software mellotron instead, giving this record a character and mood not ever explored on any earlier stafford release.  a truly unique and beautiful ambient experience, “sky full of stars” (or “the haunting”, for that matter !!) will not, and do not, disappoint.


to hear samples of some of the tracks from either album, or any of the stafford catalogue, please visit the dave stafford discography page.  both “sky full of stars” and “the haunting” can now, of course, be downloaded from bandcamp, where you can listen to them in their entirety - you can listen to every track from every album, always -for free - on bandcamp !


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